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Trippy Krispy Treat - Live Resin 25mg THC

Trippy Krispy Treat - Live Resin 25mg THC

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Texas Finest Delta-9 THC Trippy Krispy Treat!  Loaded with 50mg of cannabinoids in each Trippy Krispy to give you that out of this world THC feeling you are looking for.  When you buy Texas Finest you know you are buying the highest quality Live Resin Delta-9 on the market.

  • 25mg Delta-9 & 25mg CBD in each Trippy Krispy
  • Lab-tested by a accredited 3rd party Lab
  • Free of harmful chemicals or heavy metals

Warning: May Cause Euphoric Effect

Split into 2-4 pieces.  Eat 1 piece, wait 30-60 minutes.  Effects may take up to an hour or more depending on each person to feel the full effects.  You can always eat more, you can never eat less.  Eat slow and enjoy!

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